about me

Born in 1959, living in a small town next to Heidelberg in Germany. This lovely little town is called Neckarhausen.

Working full-time as an engineer makes it difficult to find time for photography during daytime. Consequently
most of the actual pictures are taken during the morning hours on the way to work or during business

Favourite photographic topics are clear structured landscapes with few graphical subjects, vanishing points and/or different points of view, but also abandoned houses and industrial scenes.

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Recently I was asked to publish some of my photos in the PHmagazine. This is a monthly publication without prejudice, focused on the World of photography and open to everybody. Please feel free to take a look at the website www.phmag.ca and the issue 2306 including my photos.



An other hobby of mine is writing songs and playing guitar in a band.The band’s name is Friday Underground and you can find some more information about the band and its music on


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